We support the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and we're committed to making our site as accessible as possible to everyone, given that it's one of the underlying concepts of the Internet.

Using the site without a mouse

The site can be used without a mouse. There are shortcut keys that will take you to commonly-used pages such as the home page and the search page. To use these shortcut keys, hold down the ALT key (PC) or CONTROL key (Apple Macintosh) and then one of the keys in the table below. In some browsers, you may have to press ENTER to confirm your choice. In the Opera 7 browser, press SHIFT-ESC, release those keys, and then press your chosen access key.

Key Function - what will the correct key function be?


A reference list of accessibility keys (this page)

1Go to the 'Homepage' section
2Go to the 'Pawnbroking' section3Go to the 'Travel Money' section
4Go to the 'Selling Assets' section5Go to the 'Buying Assets' section
6Go to the 'Store Locator' section7Go to the 'Contact Us' section
8Go to the 'Privacy Policy' section9Go to the 'Sitemap' section
+Go to the 'Complaints' Procedure