Pawnbroking loans from £5 to £100,000

Use your valuables for a Pawnbroking loan

The items you pledge are required as security. You risk losing your item if you fail to repay on your due date. 149% APR representative.

How it works

Find your local store

Once you've found your nearest pawnbroker store, simply pop in with your items for a free quotation. ID (such as your passport or driving license) may be required. 149% APR representative.

Get your cash

If our requirements are met and you are happy with the amount we offer, then you could walk out with your cash the same day.

Pay back your loan

Reclaim your item once you've paid the money back within seven months. If you repay earlier, the cost of your loan can be reduced.

What is a pawnbroking loan?

A pawnbroking loan means that by using the items you already own, you can unlock the cash in your assets and raise the money you need.

Once you have paid back your loan and interest due, you can then reclaim your item.

Why choose TGS Pawnbrokers?

We lend against gold, silver, platinum, diamond jewellery and selected top brand watches – simply bring your items into any of our pawnbrokers in London for a free quotation. Our staff are trained in assessing items fairly, and will usually give you a valuation on the spot. You will need to bring proof of identity and address into our store (e.g. passport or driver’s license; and utility bill or bank statement dated within the last three months).

If you meet our requirements, and you would like to accept the amount we offer, then you could receive your cash loan the very same day.

The standard pawnbroking loan term is seven months. However, if you'd prefer, you can pay off early and reclaim your item at any point before then, provided that the loan and any outstanding interest is paid (28 days' notice required).

What happens to pawned jewellery?

Once you have decided to take out a pawnbroking loan with us, we will keep your item secured for seven months.

At the end of the loan, you’ll have three options:

1. Pay back your loan and interest to redeem your pawned item

2. Renew your loan and receive a new pawnbroking contract

3. Forfeit the item. In this case, we will try and sell the pawned item as quickly as possibly for the best price, and this will go towards settling your loan and interest. If there is any surplus once the outstanding loan and costs of sale have been deducted, this will be payable to you. You will not be liable to pay any deficit resulting from the sale of your pledge.

You will be charged interest on your pawnbroking loan. You may choose to repay your loan before the seven month agreement, in which case, you will pay less as interest is calculated daily.

However if you do wish to settle your loan early, then you’ll need to provide us with 28 days’ notice. Once the loan has been repaid, your item will be returned. For more information about our interest rates, just ask in-store for more details!

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